Early Career Design Bootcamps

Several product development new hires and interns in the IBM Collaboration Solutions group in Littleton, MA were not involved in formal training on IBM Design Thinking. The solution was to create and run, a 2-day design bootcamp for new hires and a second 2-day design bootcamp for interns. I worked with two IBM colleagues to create and facilitate the two design bootcamps in Littleton, MA.

New hires and interns practiced their design thinking craft by doing hands-on activities to understand the user, explore big ideas, prototype new experiences, and evaluate these new experiences. New hires and interns ended their training by presenting what they learned to IBM stakeholders.

  • Role Creator & Facilitator
  • For IBM
  • Date 2015
  • Type Education

Interns and new hires create empathy maps to step into the user’s shoes

Learning about the problem space from the technical mentor

Capturing the current experience in a journey map

Playing back their work

Hands-on activities

Incorporating big ideas into storyboards

Low-fi sketches of a prototype